Wendy Braun

"Wendy Braun is breathtaking in person.  Tall, graceful, beautiful and genuinely nice. She's the kind of person you hope will dethrone the haughty exclusive ones at the top, but clearly it's the last thing on her mind.  She just enjoys working. And work she is getting..."

- Buzzine Magazin                                                                 - Buzzine Magazine



"Wendy Braun is funny. Like so funny she sometimes makes you risk getting to lunch late because you keep shooting take after take of her incredibly subtle, and varied, hilarity."

- Heath Cullens, Director

(It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)



accomplished actress Wendy Braun from over 60 television and film credits, including recent appearances as Danny DeVito's accountant on the hit series, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as a poised + articulate businesswoman turned murderess on ABC's Castle or as the empathetic head of the school board on MTV's hit, Faking ItAccomplished actress Wendy Braun has been seen recently playing Lauren Kerwin, Danny DeVito's accountant, on the hit FX series, It's Always Sunny In PHiladelphia,It's Alway Sunny In Philadelph as the poised + articualte businesswoman turned murderess, Melanie Jarvis, on ABC's Castle and as the empathetic head of the school board, Mina Daniels on MTV's hit Faking It.


Braun, a Television Academy member, has built a solid career + reputation since arriving in Hollywood.


Her extensive resume also includes other guest-starring performances on hit series such as The Mentalist (CBS), Bones (FOX), Criminal Minds (CBS), Henry Danger (NICK), Navy NCIS (CBS); David E. Kelly's hit Harry's Law (NBC) + as Michael Hitchcok's upscale + opinionated wife on Men Of A Certain Age (TNT).


Braun has enjoyed recurring roles on several long-running series including iCarly and General Hospital, where her stand-out performance as the officious hospital administrator, Ms. Iris Sneed, garnered her a contract role on the spin-off series, General Hospital: Night Shift


You may recognize accomplished actress Wendy Braun from over 60 television and film credits, including recent appearances as Danny DeVito's accountant on the hit series, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as a poised + articulate businesswoman turned murderess on ABC's Castle or as the empathetic head of the school board on MTV's hit, Faking It.She has been directed by Hollywood's finest, from James L. Brooks to Ivan Reitman to Will Smith and has appeared alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names in film. 


Director David Twohy cast Braun as Debbie Mason who advises Timothy Olyphat on his journey in the feature film, AA Perfect Getaway.  Noticing Braun's genuine gift for comedy, John Whitesell cast her alongside Martin Lawrence + Chloe Grace Moretz as the enthusiastic yet wacky Coach Bonnie in Big Momma's House 2


Will Smith selected Braunr for his sitcom directorial debut episode of All Of Us opposite Kieth David, and Armand Mastroianni changed a male role to female and offered it to Braun to play Vincent Spano’s athletic and witty FBI partner, Stephanie Benson, for the mini-series Pandemic. Pandem


Early in her career, Braun also appeared in several award-winning film festival hits, including Jason Reitman's In God We Trust, among many others.  Ivan Reitman saw her performance in this film and another festival hit, Maid of honor and cast her in Evolution to appear alongside David Duchovny and Julianne Moore.  Soon after she played Cole Hause'rs put-together publicist in Mel Gibson’s Paparazzi and appeared in James L. Brooks' Spanglish.



From the idyllic suburb of Northbrook, Illinois, made famous as the setting in many beloved John Hughes films, Braun began acting at age 12 as The Scarecrow in The Wiz  Her mother was the famed Miss Beverly, host of the children's classic television show Romper Room and her father was a Navy pilot.  They both encouraged Wendy's love of the arts.


Braun continued performing in plays and musicals in high school including Kiss Me Kate, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, and as Dolly in Hello, Dolly!  


Braun continued performing at Indiana University, where she directed, choreographed and performed in the campus-wide talent competition, I.U. Sing and went on to lead 75 women from her sorority, Chi-Omega, to a first place victory, two years in a row. 


She graduated college a semester early to pursue acting and returned to Chicago where she interned at Jane Brody Casting during the day (alongside now Coen Brother's casting director, Rachel Tenner) and studied acting at night. 



Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Wendy became a recognizable face, starring in several national commercials, booking 19 commercials in one year.. 


She was then offered a 26-spot national commercial campaign for Mervyn's, which showcased her  unique comedic ability, improv talent and personal charisma.  A standout in these spots, Wendy quickly won televisionguest appearances on Lost, The West Wing, NYPD Blue, Strong Medicine and many others. 



A trained professional dancer (she spent years at Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago), Wendy's first job in Los Angeles was choreographing and dancing in Faith Hill's video, Hey Baby, Let's Go To Vegas and was also featured in the Coen Brothers' film The Big Lebowski


Wendy then performed in Monte Carlo with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, and Barry White.  There she won over one of her biggest fans, Prince Albert of Monaco. 


A few years later, he escorted her to The Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of her starring role in the award-winning independent feature film, Backgammon.  Little did she know the other lead actor, Josh Cox, would (years later) become her husband. 


Braun has returned to the Chicago stage to star in The Vagina Monologues, as well as perform stand-up comedy at select national venues, including Zanie’s in Chicago, and Los Angeles’ prestigious The Improvand The Comedy Store.



Braun is also a highly sought-after voice-over talent with over 1000 voice-over credits, including the sexy, snarky undercover agent, Gianna Parasini in the hugely popular video game series, Mass Effect. 


Known for her distinct voice and unique comedic timing, she's won many major national commecial campaigns including Old Navy, Vons, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Nordstrom Rack, Sea World, McDonald's, In-N-Out, Wells Fargo, Busch Garden, and many others. 


Ellen Degeneres selected Braun to voice daily promos for the ELLEN: The Ellen Degeneres Show Other promo campaigns include The Doctors, Baby Style TV and HGTV.  Braun was also the signature promo voice of Los Angeles' PBS station, KCET for over 11 years, voicing weekly promos for Nova, Frontline, Huell Howser, American Masters and many others.



A fitness enthusiast and triathlete, Wendy completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, where she won top medals two years in a row (Female Individual Celebrity Division), while helping to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation


Wendy championed this cause back at Indiana University where she was part of the founding committee of the I.U. Dance Marathon, an event that has since raised millions for pediatric aids. 



After being asked about her acting journey as a guest-expert on several panels, Braun felt called to give back and inspire others in a bigger way.   She is now the C.E.O + Founder of , a top resource dedicated to empowering, uplifiting + educating actors worldwide.


Wendy’s transformational tools + teachings have inspired amazing success breakthroughs for countless actors' careers, some of whom include Emmy nominees, Broadway performers + series regulars on hit tv shows.


Her popular guided meditation album, Creating Powerful Auditions, help actors master their mindset, perform in high-stakes situations and have resulted in major bookings in television, film, commercials and theatre.

As a sought after mentor, actors have been declaring Wendy "a shining star, a bright light + a positive, uplifting force in this business" and " a transformational thought leader," while her guided visualizations have been called "positive audio food for the actor's soul."

She gives away a FREE MP3, "Success in The Audition Room," to help listeners turn fear + doubt into confidence + ease in less than 5 minutes. You can download it here for free.


In accordance with her generous + giving nature, Braun donates a portion of all her proceeds to charity. 


"Wendy Braun came in to speak to my students + needless to say, I was absolutely blown away.  She created an amazing seminar entitled " Owning Your Power: Success + Mindset Tools To Help You Stand Out At Every Audition + On Every Job", which should be a required class for any actor - so positive, so inspirational, and so honest. She is a true gem, and her on-set experience is an invaluable study for any actor wanting to breakthrough."

- Jason Buyer, Casting Director + Columbia College Supervisor


"Wendy Braun has developed a process that has allowed her to not only achieve great success in her career, but also balance, joy, and peace in her life. With so much “mumbo jumbo” out there, it was a pleasure to discover such an authentic and invaluable guide to an intentional mindset for the working actor’s daily life."

- Liz Lang, Casting Director + OCSA Director



Braun currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys balancing career, motherhood + marriage with her husband, TV = film actor, Josh Cox, and their two young + exuberantly active sons.. 


 "Life has a wonderful way of working out, just not necessarily in the order that you may plan. " ~Wendy Braun